– Alicante Smart City 2.0: An initiative of the Alicante City Council to position Alicante on the world map of Smart cities

– 25 projects to be implemented and expected 25 million investment between 2021 and 2027 to position Alicante on the European map of Smart Cities

– Channel the digital transformation of the city of Alicante and harmonize the efforts of Administrations, Universities and companies.

Alicante Smart City 2.0 is an initiative of the Alicante City Council that aims to position the city of Alicante on the European map of Smart Cities. Framed in the global strategy of Alicante Futura, it contemplates the implementation of 25 projects and 25 million investment between 2021 and 2027. The 25 proposed actions are aligned with 4 strategic objectives: targeting citizenship services, deploying ICT infrastructure, taking advantage of all data through of AI, secure the IoT and strengthen cybersecurity.  


The planning, presented this Monday by the mayor, Luis Barcala , and Antonio Peral Peral , Councilor for Innovation of the Alicante City Council, aims to modernize municipal services and facilitate the management of citizens. The project proposes 25 specific actions with an investment of 25 million euros that are being tendered and put into operation.      

The citizenship service-oriented is the main outcome of the plan presented. Special attention is paid to all those actions aimed at eliminating the digital chasm and increasing citizen participation, with the aspiration of detecting new social actors involved in public management and generating broad consensus that broadens the social base that supports the major decisions and actions of the town.  

The Smart City Alicante 2.0 Strategic Plan is the roadmap that was born with the vocation of coordinating and promoting the set of actions related to technological innovation that are already being implemented in the city (EDUSI, Alicante Futura, Alicante moves or Alicante strategy 2030 …), and in turn generate innovative ideas for the sustainable and efficient management of the urban ecosystem.    

The Plan defines new projects for the future with a clear orientation towards the achievement of the main urban development objectives defined within the framework of the European Union policies, and in the social mandate that at the global level represents the 2030 Agenda and the Goals of Sustainable Development, as well as the pillars that guide the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan led by the Government of Spain: ecological transition, digital transformation, social and territorial cohesion and gender equality.

Mediterranean Capital of the Technology Industry, Digital Entrepreneurship and the New Urban Economy

Another objective is to turn the city into a hub of excellence , in the Mediterranean Capital of the Technology Industry, Digital Entrepreneurship and the New Urban Economy, capable of attracting national and international technology players to promote the development of a powerful technology industry , through an integrating, empowering and channeling strategy of the different initiatives that concur in the city and putting at the service of companies and entrepreneurs the municipal commitment to innovation, competitiveness and progress and without ever losing sight of the citizen, as the epicenter of the entire Smart project. 

In the submitted proposal, it was detailed that this year 2.7 million projects will be developed. An ALC21 digital brain will manage this entire digital process that will focus mainly on Cybersecurity proposals endowed with 750,000 euros, Artificial Intelligence in electronic processing with 500,000 euros, Smart & Green with 150,000 euros, the Gestecpol police management platform with 650,000 euros, Alicante moves with 500,000 euros and the start of others such as Social Cyberkiosks , Smart Parking , DTI Alicante or predictive dashboards based on AI, in addition to training plans for officials in digital skillset and digital competencies for the citizenship.           

The Plan also includes projects such as the creation of the Citizen Participation Portal to increase the level of transparency, the constitution of a Smart City 2021-2027 technical commission for Governance, the citizen Big Data initiative and active listening to social networks, the Smart Platform City Data Driven : the Alicante Smart City brain, Hyperconnectivity : the municipality with the best connectivity in Spain, DovTech : RPA for automation of procedures, Smart Mobility Parking, the Intelligent Multifunctional Sports Center and the intelligent management of public roads and sports facilities for the sports practice, Smarts Markets , E-Patrimonio, Smart Ville San Antón, intelligent social and health monitoring and the Digital Twin for the development of a cyber-physical system for the city’s water infrastructure.

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